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Heat Recovery and Ventilation (HRV)

A Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (and cooling) requirements for homes and commercial buildings.

We can supply and install the latest HRV systems from the following brands available in New Zealand:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Smartvent
  • Cleanaire
  • Drivaire
  • Smoothair

Fresh air from good ventilation provides a healthier home environment


Modern home designs provide a better seal around windows, doors and flooring. Whilst this is great for retaining heat and keeping out the weather, your house is not getting the natural ventilation of an older style home.

As a result, the air in a room can become stale and moisture can be trapped inside – you can see this especially on a cold morning when a lot of condensation has formed on your window panes, sometimes referred to as ‘crying windows’.

Installing a heat recovery and ventilation (HRV) system will replace the air in a room and prevent moisture build-up, helping you warm your home more efficiently and giving you a dryer healthier environment for you and your family. Because the air from an HRV system is filtered, it can also be beneficial for family members with respiratory conditions like asthma or hay-fever.

Install an HRV system in your home

If you are considering getting an HRV system installed in your home or business, our experts in heat recovery and ventilation can help. Let us guide you in choosing the right HRV system for your place so that you can experience a drier, healthier home year round.


Do Heat pumps and HRV systems go together?

Yes they do. Combine an HRV system with an energy efficient heating method like a heat pump and you can create an energy efficient home that is comfortable, warm and dry no matter what the weather outside.

Save money and achieve better health with an energy efficient home heating and ventilation configuration.